Server Update Log - u1.0

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Server Update Log - u1.0

Post by Beta on Fri Apr 29, 2016 6:58 pm

/*Please remember that if you have a suggestion and cannot contact me directly, to post on the forums and I will implement your suggestion onto the server IF it is agreeable.*/

The following changes have been made/added to the server to enhance the players experience!

u1.0 Updates!

  • Added more Easy/Medium/Hard slayer tasks
  • Increased the EXP rates
  • Added another Camelot home to home teleport(s)
  • Added Extra Dungeon Teleports for the new slayer tasks
  • Added drops to the new Slayer monsters
  • Added correct NPC attack/death emotes to new Slayer monsters
  • Added correct NPC attack/death emotes to mummies and Het
  • Added a few NPC dialogues
  • Added Pharaohs Sceptre as a SUPER RARE drop from mummies
  • Removed the Dagganoth Lair teleport and kept the Dagganoth Boss teleport as they are the same location
  • Added Bandit drops
  • Made small changes to the Gambling Zone
  • Made small changes to the Fun PK zone
  • Added Korasi's sword to the Slayer Point Shop
  • Added the Avatar of Destruction Portal

  • Added a Sea Troll Queen lever at Edgeville
  • Added the Sea Troll Queen
  • Added Nomad
  • Added Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz boss - Currently the hardest in-game solo boss
  • Added a Mummies Teleport with the Het boss
  • Giant mole is no longer a boss, but rather a high-level monster
  • Added Ice Queen boss to Frost Dragon's Teleport

    /*For more information on boss drops & rates CLICK HERE*/

Download the latest client here: U.1.0 - Project Project - Drop Box


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